Chapter 3: On the Make: Truman Capote, Seriality, and the Performance of Celebrity

Figure 3.1. Truman Mask

Fig. 3.1. Truman Capote with devil mask.

Figure 3.2 Truman and Harper

Fig. 3.2. Truman Capote and Harper Lee, 1966.

Figure 3.3 Truman in Life

Fig. 3.3. Truman Capote from June 2, 1947 issue of Life magazine.

Figure 3.4. Dust Jacket

Fig. 3.4. Dust jacket of Truman Capote’s Other Voices, Other Rooms (1948).

Figure 3.5. Other Voices Publicity

Fig. 3.5. Promotional material for Capote’s Other Voices, Other Rooms.

Figure 3.6 Capote book covers

Fig. 3.6. Capote book covers.

Figure 3.7. Muses are Heard

Fig. 3.7. The Muses are Heard. (Left) “Porgy and Bess in Russia,” the first serial installment of The Muses are Heard in the October 27, 1956 issue of The New Yorker. (Right) The Muses are Heard: An Account collected by Random House in 1956.

Figure 3.8 Capote and Brando

Fig. 3.8. “The Duke in His Domain.” From left to right: a.) Cover of the November 9, 1957 issue of The New Yorker in which “The Duke in His Domain” first appeared, b.) Truman Capote and Marlon Brando ca. 1953 photographed by Lawrence Fried, c.) Promotional poster for 1957 film Sayonara.

Figure 3.9 In Cold Blood

Fig. 3.9. In Cold Blood. From left to right: a.) Cover of the September 25, 1965 issue of The New Yorker in which the first of four serialized installments of In Cold Blood appeared, b.) First edition collection of In Cold Blood published by Random House in 1966, c.) Cover of May 12, 1967 issue of Life magazine, d.) Photo of Truman Capote and Kenneth Tynan.

Figure 3.10 Capote in Esquire

Fig. 3.10. Answered Prayers in Esquire. From left to right: a.) Cover of the November 1975 issue of Esquire in which “La Côte Basque, 1965” first appeared, b.) “La Côte Basque, 1965” as it appeared in Esquire, c.) Capote on the cover of the May 1976 issue of Esquire.

Fig. 3.11. Transmedia Capote. Video clip of the 2005 episode of A&E’s Biography on Truman Capote. See the 4:31 mark for clips from Capote’s infamous appearance on The Stanley Siegel Show.